Reverse Osmosis can be safe during flooding

Do I need to boil my water if I have a Reverse Osmosis system?

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Although not designed for biological pathogen removal, RO, ultrafiltration, and other absolute rated sub-micron filters may reduce them. If your reverse osmosis system is operating properly, you do not have to boil your water. However, all filters and pre-filters should be replaced, and system and storage tank sanitized after the order is lifted. If the boil water advisory lasted for longer than a day, you will need to replace your RO membrane as well. If you have any reason to believe your reverse osmosis system may not be functioning optimally, do not trust it to remove contaminants from your water. Instead, use water that has been boiled, bottled, or otherwise disinfected. Call Mighty Mike to have them install or service your RO system. For more information visit

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