Your Friendly mighty mike Team Members!

About Kris

Kris grew up in California. He has over 25 years experience in both Plumbing and Electrical trades. His hobbies include jogging and watching sports. Kris is a fan of all Californian teams. Ask Kris who his all time favorite LA Laker is.

Kris Losoya
Operations Manager

About Delma

Having a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration/Accounting was one reason this McAllen native received the 2021 Reader's Choice Award for favorite Accountant. What's behind the motivation? Not only does she enjoy working out daily, but she says, "I have a very strong work ethic and a potent drive for success."

Delma Galaviz
Accounting / HR

About Denise

I've been with Mike's for about 8 years. I enjoy being with my family and enjoy sports.

Denise Garza
Office Manager

About Mighty Mike

Being a mascot has its challenges, especially when attempting to wear sunglasses or hats. But a large head doesn't keep Mighty Mike from finding entertaining ways to save you 💰 and keeping you informed!

Mighty Mike
Mascot / Influencer

About Ramiro

Ramiro aka "Ram" grew up in Edinburg, TX and has experience in customer service and management. He also enjoys making instrumentals and playing the accordion. Next time you're with him, ask him what the number 415 means.

Ramiro Hernandez
Trade Administrator

About Jose

Jose Alfaro, aka Memo enjoys spending time with his kids, cooking outside on the BBQ pit and sports.

Jose G. Alfaro
Plumbing Supervisor

About Jose

Angel's hometown is Rio Grande City, TX. He enjoys online gaming and outdoor sports. Per Angel, "I am competitive. Failure is not an option for me".

Jose Angel Lopez
Plumber Supervisor

About Pedro

Pedro has years Electrical experience. He enjoys sightseeing with his family. Ask Pedro about his hobby collecting.

Pedro Lerma
Electrical Supervisor

About Salvador

Salvador's hometown is Soledad, CA. His hobbies include boat fishing, Harley cruises, and home projects. Salvador also enjoys spending time with his grand kids.

Salvador Molina
Electrical Supervisor

About Jose

Jose's hometown is Edinburg, TX. He enjoys sports and BBQ. Jose believes in being respectful to all. Per Jose, "I am always willing to learn more and improve as a person".

Jose Estrada
A/C Supervisor

About Felix

Felix has over 10 years HVAC Warehouse Management experience and 7 years counter sales experience. Felix not only enjoys fishing and hunting but also likes to restore old Jeeps (CJ models). He is also a dedicated family man, volunteer and caregiver.

Felix Fonseca
Warehouse Manager

About Ileana

Ileana's hometown is in the PNW. She enjoys spending her time outdoors with her family and volunteering. Ask Ileana about her hiking adventures.

Ileana E.

About Mike

Mike has been working around and with the company since he was a youngster. He enjoys new challenges, traveling and has a passion for volunteer work.

Mike Losoya III
Technical Support

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth, born in CA but has lived in TX for most of her adult life, is passionate about personal growth & development so you can often find her reading a self-help book, listening to leadership podcasts or watching an inspiring & educational TED Talk.

Elizabeth Alva
Service Administrator

About Leslie

Leslie was Born in Houston, TX but moved down to San Juan when she was 3. She is definitely a dog person. She has 3 big dogs and a puppy. Leslie loves to travel and definitely would love to visit every part of the world!

Leslie Pena

About Melaine

It’s Melaine, not Melanie. Mel loves to read and her favorite genre is horror. She is even working on a book herself. Mel loves surrounding herself with her loved ones, and making every minute count.

Melaine Villarreal

About Audrey

Audrey has been at Mike’s since she was a young girl. She really enjoys helping people. Some of her hobbies include: taking long walks, hiking mountains, eating and cooking delicious food.

Audrey Fraga
Customer Service Rep.

About Laiza

Hello, My name is Laiza, I enjoy painting, watching shows, taking road trips with my husband and being with my friends and family. (:

Laiza Gracia
Customer Service Rep.

About Melissa

Melissa is from Alamo, TX and she enjoys spending time with her family and attending community events. Ask Melissa what her favorite dessert to bake is.

Melissa Trevino
Customer Service Rep.

About Brenda

Brenda’s hometown is Edinburg, Tx. She enjoys music, painting/drawing, and spending time with her friends and family.

Brenda Estrada
Customer Service Rep.

About Chrissy

Bookworm, basketball fanatic, television enthusiast, useless trivia extraordinaire, grey Jedi, and crazy cat lady. And of course, your zany generalist ready to help.

Chrissy Camargo
Customer Service Rep.

About Lilliana

Lilly is from Mission, TX and looks forward to spending quality time with her son. In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, catching up on tv shows, and going to the cinema.

Lilliana Espinoza
Administrative Assistant

About Ruben

Ruben's hometown is Alamo, TX. He has over 20 years experience in Plumbing. He enjoys fishing.

Ruben Moreno
Master Plumber

About Michael

Michael has 25+ years of Plumbing experience and has been working at Mighty Mike's for over 21 years. Next time you see him, ask him how it was like working with Mike Sr. aka "Big Mike".

Michael Gonzalez
Journeyman Plumber

About Cris

Cris has over 10 years experience. He enjoys car shows. Ask Cris about the different cars he's restored.

Cris Perales
Journeyman Plumber

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo's nickname is Rigo. His hometown is Donna,TX. He enjoys spending time with his grandkids; especially at Baseball games. Rigo also believes in helping those in need.

Rodrigo Rivera
Journeyman Plumber

About Kris

Kris Jr has been plumbing for 11 years. He enjoys online gaming. Ask Kris Jr about his back flipping High School days.

Kristopher Losoya Jr.
Journeyman Plumber

About Juan

Juan has over 25 years experience. When he's not plumbin' he's drummin'. Ask Juan about his band, 'Cristalino x Brillante'.

Juan Ontiveros
Journeyman Plumber

About Elliot

Elliot was raised all over Texas and is a licensed Master Plumber in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Elliot also played minor professional football in Texas and Costa Rica.

Elliot Jones
Journeyman Plumber

About Steven

Steven's hometown is Alamo, TX. He enjoys playing pick-up basketball and collecting records. Ask Steven about his BBQ competition entries.

Steven Fuentes
Plumbing Apprentice

About Angel

Angel is from Edinburg and has attended UTPA. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, whether it be fishing or hiking. Next time you see him ask him about the PSJA Raiders and 'them Cowboys!'

Angel Colin
Plumbing Apprentice

About Jesse

Jesse's hometown is McAllen, TX. He has been known to dabble in car mechanics. He also enjoys Hunting and cooking.

Jesse Fletcher
Drain Crew

About Jeremy

Jeremey's hometown is Allentown, PA. Jeremey enjoys playing video games. Per Jeremy, "I like learning new things".

Jeremy Garcia
Drain Crew

About Lee

Lee's hometown is Mission, Tx. He enjoys hunting and fishing, Ask Lee how many burpees he can do in a row during his crossfit workouts.

Lee Arista
Plumbing Apprentice

About Jose

Jose is from Statesboro, GA. His hobbies are playing the guitar and video games when he is not working. Interesting Fact: Jose is a mechanic, details cars, knows how to weld and knows how to fix phones.

Jose Ontiveros
Plumbing Apprentice

About Argelio

Argelio is from Mission, TX. He has work experience as a Plumber, Welder, Mechanic and is a Veteran. Certified and a Licensed as a Welder and Mechanic. Argelio likes to learn about he current state of the world. An interesting face about Argelio is that he is a jack of all trades.

Argelio Gonzalez
Plumbing Apprentice

About Jesse

Jesse is from Combes, TX. He has 2 years work experience, and an Apprentice License. His favorite hobby is spending time with his kids.

Jesse Atkinson
Electrical Apprentice

About Jonathan

Jonathan Tamez is from Edinburg, TX. He is a High School Graduate. He enjoys hanging out with his Daughter and is a hard worker.

Jonathan Tamez
Electrical Apprentice

About Francisco

Francisco is from Alamo, TX. He has experience as an Electrician Apprentice. Certified and Licensed NCCEV/PSHA/TDLR. Hobbies include playing games & sports. He likes to workd and learn more.

Francisco Saavedra
Electrical Apprentice

About Adam

Adam is a Texas native & a proud father of 4. He holds his apprentice license, NCCER certification, & OSHA 30. He has always had enthusiasm for electricity. He holds true to his values & morals & he strives to teach them to our youth, as he volunteers with coaching little league TBall.

Adam Martinez
Electrical Apprentice

About Jerry

Bio Coming Soon.

Jerry Romo
Electrical Apprentice

About Manuel

Manny is from Pharr, TX. He has a Bachelor's Degre from UTRGV and 7 years of Electrical experience. Certified/Licensed TDLR Journeyman #573433. He enjoys fishing, running and collecting sports cards.

Manuel Ibarra
Electrical Technician

About Jorge

Jorge grew up in South Texas and is newly married. Jorge believes that life isn’t about the money but the quality of life.

Jorge Garcia
Electrical Technician

About Rolando

Rolando's hometown is Mercedes, TX. He enjoys sports. He believes in helping others when he can, even offering them his mechanic skills.

Rolando Rodriguez
A/C Technician

About Andres

Andres is from Alamo, TX. He is a Graduate from Southern Careers Institute and is also a Forklift Operator. He has a EPA Section 608 Universal Certification. His favorite hobbies are Soccer, working out and watching movies.

Andres Rodriguez
A/C Technician

About Memo

Jose's hometown is Edinburg, Tx. Jose is working on his associates degree. He enjoys working on classic cars.

Memo Alfaro III
A/C Apprentice

About Eddie

This AC apprentice from Weslaco has an EPA certification. He is religious and enjoys fishing and running.

Eddie Ramirez
HVAC Technician

About Abel

Abel is from Mcallen, TX. Experience in STVT HVAC, Electrical and CDL. CErfitifed and Licensed: CDL & Electrical. Hobbies: Playing drums, painting cars & working on houses.

Abel Vasquez
HVAC Apprentice

About Pedro

Pedro's hometown is Los Angeles, CA. Work Experience in Plumbing & HVAC. Hobbies include running. When he is not working, he loves to go fishing.

Pedro Garcia
HVAC Apprentice

About Israel

Israel is from Indiana and moved to Texas in 2017. He is a recent STVT graduate and dog dad. His favorite quote is “Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise”.

Israel Garza
HVAC Apprentice

About Mark

Bio Coming Soon.

Mark Cardenas
HVAC Apprentice

About Dilan

Bio Coming Soon.

Dilan Garza
HVAC Apprentice

About Jorge

Jorge takes pleasure in his work. He enjoys fishing and believes in helping others.

Jorge Ramirez
A/C Installer

About Javier

Javier is the definition of a tradesman. He has over 20 years of plumbing experience and can repair just about anything. Ask Javier how long he has been working at Mighty Mike's.

Javier Esquivel