Generator transfer switch and interlock kit benefits

Already have a portable generator? Consider a transfer switch or Interlock Kit.

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  • A transfer switch eliminates the risk of back-feeding the electrical utility which can cause injury to workers and property damage. 
  • You can run selected appliances such as a AC, water heater & well pump (which cannot be run with standard extension cords).
  • The transfer switch allows you to manually transfer each of these loads separately whenever you need them.
  • Only one connection to make—plugging one end of a cable into the portable generator and the other into a dedicated box connected to the transfer switch.

Did you know? From 2005 to 2017 more than 900 people died of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning while using portable generators, according to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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Safety Guidelines: Never operate a generator indoors. Position a portable generator at least 20 feet from your home with the exhaust directed away from your house, as well as any windows, doors, air-conditioners, and other structures. Never use extension cords that are cut or missing a ground. 


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