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The Key to Your Home’s Comfort

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Control Your Home’s Temperature With Your Cell Phone.

With A Smart Thermostat, you can monitor and control the temperature in your home via your cell phone.  Touch-tone buttons and voice commands allow you to check your home’s temperature and adjust heating and cooling settings.  Never has home comfort been so convenient.  Not to mention that money and energy you’ll save!

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Improve The Air In Your Home

The air inside most homes is two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Why? Mother Nature! Thunder, lightning, ultraviolet energy from the sun and more continually clean outside air. Indoor air isn’t so lucky. Cleaning products, deodorizes, paint, mold and other pollutants in today’s homes contribute to unhealthy indoor air. This can result in increased symptoms of asthma, allergies and long lasting colds.

There are options, though.  Consider replacing your traditional air filter with a polarized media air cleaner, which captures up to 97% of particles and allergens in the air.  Another option is a dual wavelength ultraviolet energy light, which sterilizes germs, and more without the use of chemicals or sprays.  Finally the optimum air cleaner is a whole-home HEPA filter, which can remove 99.97% of particles in the air, clearing smoke , dust , pollen and pet dander.

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