Infrared Inspection

Electrical Disconnect over heating show with Infrared
Missing insulation in ceiling shown with infrared camera
Leaky duct shown with infrared camera.
Sagging insultation shown with infrared camera
Plumbing Infrared showing water heater.

Many people own and use Infrared cameras, but are they certified? Mike’s Plumbing, Electrical & AC is certified by ITC which is the gold-standard qualification within the thermography industry.

A certification verifies that a thermographer can:
  • Operate an infrared camera
  • Collect quality data
  • Produce professional infrared inspection reports
  • Understand the techniques and limitations of infrared thermography for specific applications

Infrared thermal imaging cameras spot small but key changes in temperature identifying problematic areas.


Electrical infrared inspections find hot spots caused by defects in components and connections. Increased resistance and heat are the primary reasons most electrical components fail. Excess heat is usually the first sign of trouble.  Loose connections, imbalanced and/or overloaded circuits, defective breakers, faulty fuses, damaged switches, and material defects all lead to equipment failure and these can be assessed by an infrared inspection.


Our Comfort Specialists will use infrared technology to identify possible areas in your home that may be the cause for high energy bills and discomfort. For example, leaky air ducts can cause 1) High energy bills 2) Increase in HVAC related repairs 3) Air quality problems 4) Increase in air filter changes 5) Hot/cold spots in your home. Call mighty mike today! (956) 686-1353


Most of your plumbing system is located beneath floors, behind walls, in the ceiling, and under the ground. Because the pipes are hidden, small leaks may not be detected for months. In the meantime, the water may be causing damage to your home and allowing mold to grow. Detecting plumbing leaks early is essential for preventing significant property damage.

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